Which Social Platform Do You Spend Time On To Get Ecommerce Advice For Your Store?

  • 27 September 2023
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As an e-commerce store owner or employee, which social media platform do you most often spend time on to get advice and content about growing and marketing your brand, and to find new people/advisors to learn from?

If you want, you can also share your fav accounts to follow :)

7 replies

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Hi @worcestershiresauce


Good to see ya! 


This is a great question! I wonder if any of our Champions have any suggestions or recommendations of impactful platforms or people they follow. @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @Kylie W @KatherineB @inboxingmaestro @In the Inboxany thoughts?



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Hi @worcestershiresauce 

Great question! While I like IG for content, I’ve found that store owners/employers are not seeking content there or engaging with content. I’ve predominently seen LinkedIn as the best source for quality content and were owners/employers are engaging. 

Twitter use to be a good community as well, but I haven’t been on the platform recently. 

Slack also hosts some good communities. It can be a little challenging to find the right ones because they usually are invite-only, but you might be able to find some via some simple searching.

I hope that helps! 

@In the Inbox 

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Hi @worcestershiresauce great question! I love Twitter, but I rely more on email newsletters (hazards of the biz I guess) and I really like DTC - they also host a lot of webinars which I find informative. I know that's maybe not what you meant with socials, but thought I would share anyway. 



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I personally am I huge Youtube fan (Counts as a social platform right?!) It just has so much great content to easily find and devour.

There are so many pros out there like Ezra Firestone posting great e-commerce strategy and if you need help on email marketing strategy and tutorials, I will selflessly plug my own YouTube Channel! 😆

Like Katherine said, there are great newsletters out there - I’ll throw out there Daily Carnage as well, that send you roundups on the biggest newest and tips in the space.

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Obviously the Klaviyo Community! 😋

I’ve found some great articles and advice on LinkedIn. That social network is really geared towards professionals to its core.

On top of that, I do have a few favorite articles/blogs too. Places like Search Engine Land have great industry wide articles and advices. I also look at Shopify’s Blog, Think With Google, and a few others. I’m a big fan of Basis Technologies monthly newsletter for digital ad stuff as well. There is some interesting information over on Reddit too. 

Whatever you read, just try and recognize the biases that are there. For example, sites like Think With Google is going to push all Google products as the end all be all of marketing. There is a lot of great information on Think With Google, but you just need to recognize they will push their products. But reading a diverse set information sources will really help ensure youre looking at marketing from a holistic perspective. 

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Love this question! And all the responses coming in 😃

I personally like LinkedIn as my main source, but also subscribe to DTC as well (good call out @KatherineB ) and am a big fan of Nik Sharma. 

There are some podcasts I listen too as well which are good for ways to keep up to date. Limited Supply, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Add To Cart are just a few.


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Thanks all!

This is all useful - - although I targeted it to store owners in case they have a different perspective to those of us in the agency/partner world. For example we’ve been putting stuff on LinkedIn but I suspect ecom store owners may spend more time on Insta or Tiktok because they’re the platforms they feel they need to learn, as that’s where their customers are…

Thank you all the same I’ll have a peep at some of the references mentioned that I hadn’t come across yet :)