Close button missing from flyout form

  • 9 August 2022
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Hi, not too sure if anyone knows what’s gone wrong here but I’m having a slight issue with a flyout form. There used to be a button to close the form, top right corner I think it was originally, anyway I’ve been tinkering around with the styling of the form and I can’t seem to find/see the close button anymore. This is a form live on a client’s website so it’s a bit of a problem that customer’s aren’t able to close this once it appears. I’ll attach a screenshot so you can see what’s going on.



For some reason as well, the dismissal settings don’t seem to be available to me, I know there’s an option to have the form close if someone clicks back onto the page but is this not available for flyouts and just pop ups or something?

Thanks in advance!


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2 replies

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Hi @Spark Bridge Digital LLC thanks for your response!

I’ve given your fix a go and the button still wouldn’t appear for me unfortunately, I’ve got a nagging feeling it might be something to do with the side image I’ve got on the right side of the form so I think it might be easier to rebuild the form minus the image, I’m sure it was working fine before I started adding that stuff in! Thanks again for your suggestion, really do find there forums helpful for troubleshooting 😃

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Hey @martin.pearson!

In the editor, can to try to hover over in the right corner of your flyout to see if it starts to become highlighted to select? It’s default color may be matching your background color of the flyout, so it should still be there but just not as obvious to click to edit.