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  • 7 March 2023
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I’d like to use a pop-up which reveals the coupon code upon entering an email address. However, where does the revenue for these sales get attributed?




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5 replies

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Hi @Megan.Poole,

So if someone just use coupon that you will provide in popup this will not change anything in attribution model this session will still be counted with original utm parameters (i just test it and in my GA i see utm that user had in original link).

But in scenario that someone need to confirm email to receive code via email (double opt-in) than the situation is more complicated because for example different browser could be use or customer can be redirected form email with different utms.

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Ahh, sorry I think I haven’t explained myself properly. I want to know how it will be attributed in GA / BigCommerce analytics, not Klaviyo. Will it show as the original source that directed to site? 

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Hi @Megan.Poole,

It depends what source you will use in utm_source parameter, but this will be attributed in GA not in Klaviyo itself.

The best practice would be to have double opt in and reveal customer the code in first Welcome Series Flow email or in Confirmation Email. Then you can be almost 100% sure that transaction that customer will make will be attributed to email.

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Hi Jakub,

Thanks for stepping in! 

To confirm, the pop-up will need to be directed to a specific landing page with UTM parameters for the revenue to be attributed to email?

I like the overall designs but I fear that giving away the coupon will stop subscribers shopping via the welcome email.

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Hi @Megan.Poole 

Welcome to the community :)

Thank for the question, if you create unique code and you will use it only in this popup then you can easily count all revenue connected to the code. 

If you want to connect it automatically you need a link in popup to product page or other LP with proper utm parameters then this will be attributed to source you want.