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  • 4 November 2022
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Whenever I click on ‘’Support’’ on my Klaviyo account, it simply doesn’t work. I have tried many times, it won’t open any page. 

I hope someone can help me here with few issues. 

  1. How can I customize the confirm your subscription e-mail? When the customer receives the e-mail titled ‘’Confirm your subscription’’. I would like to make it look better, like adding my logo, changing the colour of the button. 
  2. I created the sign up form but I’d also like to collect the names (not just their e-mails) to be to customize my e-mails. I don’ see where I can add that? 
  3. If a customer instantly closes the sign up form the first time, can I make sure that after 2-3 minutes it pops up again? (just 1 reminder) 
  4. I’m based in Montreal, Canada and there is an anti-spam law (like many countries). My store will be serving Canada and USA. A lawyer said I need to keep all the consents (SMS and e-mail marketing). How does that work with Klaviyo? Also, is it completely legal to get customer’s phone numbers?

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Hi @can and welcome to the Community!


First of, I’m sorry to hear the support button isn’t working properly. Here is the link that the button would open. I would also recommend that you try clearing your browser cache and restarting the browser to see if that will allow you to open the Support button in Klaviyo.


Here are some potential solutions/resources for your questions:


  1. You can edit the Confirm Subscription form by navigating to Lists & Segments > Newsletter > Subscribe & Preference Pages > Email Confirmation. See this Community post for more conversation on the topic:


  1. To collect the customer’s name via signup form, navigate to the form editor and find the Add Blocks item on the menu to the left. Under Input Fields, drag the Text Input block into your form.

    Then, replace the placeholder text on the block properties menu with First Name/Last Name, and select the corresponding Profile Property:

    Then just repeat for Last Name, and your form will assign the string values that are collected in the block to the First Name and Last Name properties of the subscriber.

  2. You can change the Display Frequency under the Targeting & Behavior tab of the Overview menu when editing a form. At this time, the minimum available interval is 0 days, which would cause the form to appear every time the visitor refreshed or opens a new page. The next available interval would be 1 day, and it would continue showing the form every 24 hours until the visitor subscribes.

  3. Here is our Help Center Article about how consent is stored in Klaviyo:

    Guide to Collecting SMS Consent

    Unfortunately, we do not provide exact legal examples or legal advice (outside of best practices for SMS terms). Anything regarding data privacy/legal language on your site must be configured with your legal team. Here are some helpful resources for maintaining best practices:

I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!





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I am having a display issue with the confirm subscription email on mobile. Hoping someone can help. I am receiving the confirmation emails very small on mobile, while the emails look just fine on desktop. The mobile preview in the editor looks fine, like this:


But when it is received in both my ios inbox as well as in the gmail app, it appears like this:


I have compared all settings to other templates that are displaying just fine in mobile, and made similar settings in this form. I have the form width set to 600 px. The editor for this email form is rather limited and seems like the classic editor, so not really much to play around with. Am I missing something?


Thanks in Advance!

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Hi there @AdamB


I can see that you asked a similar answer in the thread below and received a reply!