Embedded form submission DOES NOT equal people in segment?

  • 8 April 2024
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Could use some help here…

We are running a giveaway on our Shopify site. I am using a Klaviyo embedded form to capture emails addresses. Those who sign up are being placed on a list. No problems… until now.

In Klaviyo, my form is saying it’s been submitted 3,300 times. BUT… my list (that is only fed from this form) has 8,000 names on it. 

Any ideas why I’m seeing about 1/3 the number of form submissions than I’m seeing on the list? I do have single opt-in on for this one, so I may need to revert to double opt-in if someone has figured out a way to make the list grow so quickly.

Thanks for any advice!


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I’m not entirely sure where are you looking for the numbers but what I assume is happening is that you are looking at form submission numbers on the Sign-up Forms page in Klaviyo and the problem is that there it is shown only last 30 days of submission usually not the total form submission. To see total form submissions you need to open the form and adjust the date range that the form is live in..


@Bobi N. 

Thanks for the help. This signup only started 10 days ago, so the 30-day default view was still catching it.

Turns out it was a spambot that was filling out the signup form 2-3 times every minute for about 24 hours. To stop the bot for a short amount of time, I created a new form and embedded it in Shopify. Turns out that when the old form ID was shut down, the bot hasn’t re-discovered it yet. SO FRUSTRATING.

Next step will be to either turn double opt-in back on or install a honeypot. The honey pot won’t stop the spambot, but at least it will let me ID the bad entries. For now I’m stuck trying to create a segment that can ID all of the malicious entries. Can’t quite get the right filters in place yet. 

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Hi there @Chris-J


We are aware of an influx in spam bots signing up for lists and we do have a feature that is on our roadmap this year help prevent these bots! In the meantime, I’d suggest looking for patterns like domain names to include in your segment conditions to capture as many as possible! As mentioned in this similar thread below.


Hope this helps!