Feature Request: Form submissions as a metric

  • 28 September 2021
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I’d love it if form submissions (using built-in Klaviyo forms) were tracked just like every other metric in Klaviyo.

For example, for businesses with a number of different lead magnets, as far as I can see, there’s no easy way to report/segment on who has opted in to each form (or multiple forms).

This kind of information can tell a business who is really engaged with their gated content.

4 replies

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Hello @JacobM,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with the Klaviyo community.

Although we do not have a discrete metrics for “form submitted”, we do have analytics you can look into both for individual sign-up form activity (along with advanced reports) and multiple sign-up form activity (with filtering options).

In terms of segmentation, were you referring to be able to fetch who, (email address Y) submitted Z form and thus produce a list of emails that submitted that particular form? If so, I am happy to file a feature request for this.

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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@Dov yes exactly - being able to segment based on which forms a profile has filled out.


E.g. I might want to target people who have opted in for Form A but not Form B, or who have opted in for both Form A and Form B.

Or even as simple as - target people who filled out Form A within the last 60 days.


Having this would allow us to build better targeted customer journeys that involve opt-ins (e.g. gated content)

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I run into this so much with my clients. They have lead magnets or customer service type forms that people fill out more than 1x and we would like them to re-enter the flow. With lists or segments, they can’t re-enter the flow. I would love to see the filled out a form metric added!

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Hi @ctmill23


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this! For a use case like that you could also create a custom metric that can be triggered multiple times so they can continually go through a flow!