How to forward klaviyo form data to outlook

  • 16 May 2023
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I have setup a klaviyo form and added that to a list. is there any way to forward the data that you enter on the form, ( text) in the form of email to our outlook and a send a auto response back to the customer.


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3 replies

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Hi @Rkamath, welcome to the community!


Can you help me understand why you want emails to be forwarded to Outlook? Generally, the best path to set up an automatic response/ acknowledgement of someone joining your list is to create a Welcome Series flow.


That can then send a series of emails, welcoming people to your list, educating them about your brand story, and helping them to understand what your bestselling products are in case they don’t know where to start.





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Hello Gabrielle, 


Created the welcome series flow and it works like a charm. Totally new to Klaviyo. Thanks agin. 

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That’s great news @Rkamath! I’m so glad that was a good solution for you.


Since you are totally new to Klaviyo, I’d encourage you to check out a few resources to help you get oriented.


Here’s a live training on getting started with Klaviyo that might be helpful, it’s on 5/31.  

There’s also a 45 minute course on building your first flows that might be helpful too. Quick note - the course recommends you start with 4 essential flows; Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, and Customer Winback. What I’d recommend instead is now that you’ve got the Welcome Series flow live, do an Abandoned Cart flow next, then create 1-2 Customer Thank You flows.


For Customer Thank You flows, you can build one for all customers if it’s easiest for you to do that and launch the flow quickly. But if you’re comfortable with it, you can get more specific and build 2 separate post-purchase flows. A New Customer Thank You and a Repeat Customer Thank You flow will help you differentiate between first-time and repeat customers, for more specific messaging in your flow emails.


That’s the “core 4” system I build out for all my clients who are starting out with Klaviyo. Some Klaviyo documentation will recommend you have one Customer Thank You flow and use a conditional split to send specific emails based on how many purchases someone’s made. I don’t do this since I want to track flow revenue separately based on what type of customer receives that flow, but if that’s not a priority for you right now, then go forward with the simplest path of action that gets your flows up and running the soonest!



~ Gabrielle


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