How to stop a bot from joining my email list 100s of times per day

  • 22 March 2024
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Hello, tow week ago I started getting 100s of spam emails joining my newsletter per hour. It seems to be the same person… the email address starts with the same name with then a string of numbers and letters.


They literally join my email list several times per minute!


They have added over 8000 emails to my list in just a couple weeks. I have surpassed all of them, and now turned on double authentication when someone joins my list. But is there any other way to stop this? Has anyone else had this happen?




Jason V.


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4 replies

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Hi @goalcrazy,

Welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear about the list bombing activity that you’ve been experiencing. Enabling double opt-in in the list settings is one of the best measures you can take. So, it’s good to hear that you’ve done that.

An additional measure you can take, depending on the on-site form they’re submitting through, is to enable a technology such as reCAPTCHA to filter out spam/bots before they can submit the form.

Hope this response is helpful.


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Hi there @goalcrazy,


On top of @Bobby’s great recommendations, I want to share that our Klaviyo team is aware that there has been an uptick in these kinds of incidents lately and we are developing features to combat this easier very soon. So keep your eyes peeled!



I am experiencing this as well and it’s super frustrating. When can we expect those new features?

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Same! What’s causing this stuff to happen? It’s really frustrating and it’s costing us money. It’s using up our monthly email send limits & profile count.