integrating klaviyo with shopify to get discount emails to customers

  • 7 March 2024
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hi needing help with the steps and how to get klaviyo pop ups to work correctly so that when customers enter their details into the pop up it sends them a 10% discount they are readily available to use and so its all automated. 


any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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@cdog101 hey, thanks for a great question, and welcome to the community!

First, you’ll want to make sure your Shopify<>Klaviyo integration is all set up. This is very is as the integration is pre-built, so as long as Klaviyo is installed in your Shopify apps, and you’ve logged in, everything should be immediately fully functional. THIS ARTICLE will take you through all the steps.

From there, you’ll need to actually create you first popup, and your first flow!

To create your first popup, please follow THIS GUIDE to help you navigate the process. Note that they are called “sign up forms” in Klaviyo!

Once the popup is created, take note of which list you’ve assigned your popup to send people to. 

The next steps (NB: nothing is live yet!) is to create your Welcome flow. THIS ARTICLE will help you get set up. The trigger for this flow should be the membership in the list that you’ve targeted your popup with.

Once you’re happy with everything, it’s time to set everything live! First, turn on your flow (to avoid any signups missing the emails), then turn on your popup, and presto!, you’ve done it!

Happy to chat further!

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Welcome to the community @cdog101 

  1. You create a list where you want your subscribers to be captured. This is usually your main email subscribers list
  2. You create a flow that triggers when someone is added to a list from 1. In that flow, you add the email (or a series of emails) with the 10% discount code.
  3. You configure your pop-up to push subscribers to the list in 1 

When a contact subscribes to your list, they will enter the flow and receive the emails.

If your flow contains many emails, it’s usual to include additional filters, or display logic, to prevent members of your list from getting call-to-actions to place an order or redeem the discount, if they have already done that after entering the flow. 

If the discount is a general welcome discount to be used by any new contact, you may want to consider adding a second step to your form that displays the code after they submit their email. It is better to give that to them asap while they’re engaged and ready to purchase!

Set up examples below.

Hope that helps


list-triggered flow


form button submit action


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Hi @cdog101 great info above, just wanted to also share how dynamic coupons in Klaviyo work. If you have a Klaviyo <> Shopify integration, you can create dynamic coupons in Klaviyo (meaning a unique discount code is sent to each subscriber and can only be used once). 

This article walks through how to create a dynamic coupon code. You can set all the details of the code - name, amount off, expiry date, etc. 

When you are ready to send the code in your welcome flow (as detailed in an above comment), you can add this in the body of copy in a text field:  {% coupon_code 'NAME_OF_YOUR_COUPON' %}  (where you replace “NAME_OF_YOUR_COUPON” with the actual name of the coupon you created. In the template when you preview, it will show the coupon code as COUPON_NAME-preview and that is how you know the discount is set up correctly. 

Good luck!