Issue with Sign-Up Form Showing on Every Linked Page in Campaign

  • 28 July 2023
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I am at my wits end here. It’s been a full week and we still don’t have a form that functions as we intend it to and we need help.

Here’s how we got to where we are and where we are stuck:

  • We needed a form that we could link to, to allow subscribers to updates preferences
  • We learned that we could only do this by creating a sign-up form, so that’s what we did
  • This is not an e-commerce site, so we then had to install the snippet code in order to be able to publish it
  • Snippet code was dropped into the master template on WordPress
  • So, we made sure to set it to a full page form and we were able to publish it to a specific page that we created on our website
  • We realized that we were able to see it only once, so we then went in to adjust the settings so it showed every time that specific page was visited
  • We then created a test email campaign that had absolutely nothing to do with this form and no link to the form was included in the email campaign - only links to different pages on our website
  • I tested all the links prior to sending and the campaign performed as expected
  • Email was sent and then everyone who clicked a link that went to our website whether it be the homepage, careers page, etc. encountered this form, which again, is on a hidden page on the website - there’s no way to get it unless directly linked
  • And to make matters worse, when you type in our domain to the homepage directly in a browser, you still encounter the form
  • How or why is this possible when it is only published to a specific page???

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Hi @MCMktg


Welcome to the Community! I’m sorry that it’s under frustrating circumstances, happy to help!


If you have  a full page form published on your website to show on a specific page, you should be able to see it whenever and shouldn’t be limited to only be viewed only once. I do wonder if there were other behaviors checked in your form’s targeting and behavior section that caused the form to comply under those specific settings.


I would explore what settings you adjusted the form to before and after? Was this solely in the form builder or in the backend code of your form? If you changed the form’s code in your site’s backend, there might have been an error which caused the form to malfunction and became the landing page for your website, no matter the link clicked on from your campaign.


Hope this helps!


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Hi @MCMktg,

My advice would be, use a page, add an embeded form option instead of full page option and add the html code on that page only. This will allow you to control the showing from that html page rather than what you currently have a full page form that if setup incorrectly shows to all people.

Also in the form settings make sure you do set the right conditions. Only show on /email-preferences - show to all people.

Hope this helps!

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