Pop up sign up forms unable to show on my Woocommerce

  • 1 September 2021
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Having a issue seeing my Klaviyo pop up sign up form on my woocommerce website, which is very frustrating.

I have already installed klaviyo and linked my woocommerce with klaviyo.


I’ve built my first sign up form. When I hit publish, I receive the following message:


“Your signup form has been published and will appear on your website if the code snippet has been installed”


But when i checked my website the pop up form is not showing up.


I have checked all settings on the pop up form and everything i think can be wrong disturbing the form from showing up but i can't find solution to it.


I also check the install Code Snippet but it's say “Signup forms are successfully installed on your site”


What’s the solution?


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Hello @Piscolinofficial,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Glad to hear you’ve already checked the Install Code Snippet option under the signup form’s tab as an initial troubleshooting step! Since this checker is returning a “Signup forms are successfully installed on your site” message, this would indicate that the Klaviyo.js snippet is detected on your website by Klaviyo. In your particular case, this would mean that you’ve successfully installed the Klaviyo plugin for WooCommerce. One suggestion though, is potentially checking your extension version and making sure it is up to date. The latest version of the WooCommerce Klaviyo extension is 2.5.2. If you were on anything lower, i would recommend updating it to this version from the Wordpress store.

Some other areas to check to see why your signup form is not displaying could be due to the form’s behaviors settings you have in place. One thing to keep in mind is that when using the Display Timing Loading Delay behavioral settings, that those settings are considered AND settings rather than OR settings. This means that if you have selected two or all three of the options, the site visitor must meet all the selected conditions in order for the form to display. I’ve elaborated further on this in a similar Community post which i’ve linked below:

Another thing to consider is when testing, are you navigating to your site from an incognito/private browser? If your signup form is utilizing the Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles setting it’s imperative to test the appearance of your form using an incognito browser to ensure that cookies aren’t effecting your tests. With this setting enabled, Klaviyo is able to determine when to display a signup form to visitors based on if the browser is cookied with an email address/profile that is recognized within your Klaviyo account. 

In addition to using an incognito browser, disabling any ad blockers or extensions is also advised as they may be the cause of why your signup form is not displaying. Ad blockers or similar extensions are meant to prevent marketing material from appearing and prevent third party javascript from rendering; therefore causing the Klaviyo signup form to not appear. Along the same lines, I would also recommend checking to see if there were any console errors being raised on your website caused by a conflict in your site’s coding which may lead to preventing the Klaviyo signup form from appearing. 

I hope this helps!


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I'll check everything and update you back. I hope this will provide solution to everything. Thanks!