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  • 29 November 2023
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I have set up a subscription form using a popup form. I have configured it to show to all users who are not on my list (new subscribers), and to appear when the user scrolls to 40% of the page.
I have also set it to only display on pages containing a certain string.

However, this doesn't work, the popup never appears.

Do I have to configure something special to make it appear?


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5 replies

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Hi @MTIT , thanks for posting in the Klaviyo Community!

Can you try testing your pop up on a rarely visited page of your site (like the privacy page, for example) and set it to show immediately, just to verify that the pop up itself is working. 

Another thought, if you are already in your Klaviyo account as a profile, it’s possible the pop up won’t show for you because you are not part of the audience that you are targeting - in this case, I recommend using an incognito window to test. 


Thirdly, you might also add a secondary targeting rule - such as scrolled at least 40% of the page  OR upon exit intent so you catch people before they leave no matter what. 

Hope this helps,




Hello @KatherineB , thank you for your reply

I have tried what you say, it doesn't work, the popup never appears. It seems that the popup is not working.

I have tried with another browser in incognito mode and with a VPN from another country, and the popup does not appear, so I firmly believe that it is not working.

Maybe I have configured it wrong, I have to install some kind of code on the website for this to appear?

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Hi @MTIT have you followed the instructions here?


Hi @KatherineB , yes I have installed the code in my website. 



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Hi all, 


While our fellow Champion gave sound advice suggesting that the right code was added to your site to ensure forms could display, the specific issue was related to not having installed Klaviyo's .js script on their site. Without this important script on a website, our forms aren’t successfully directed to a customer’s website and are vital for form display success!