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  • 18 January 2021
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My name is Mel.  I am new to ecommerce and just started my store a couple of weeks ago.

Before I signed up for Klaviyo, I had installed the WooCommerce Newsletter plugin.  Now that I’ve signed up with Klaviyo, I would like to redirect that sign-up form to Klaviyo.

1.  Can I redirect the signup WooCommerce Newsletter form to Klaviyo, without creating a Klaviyo form?  In other words, keep the WooCommerce Newsletter form but direct the signups to Klaviyo?
2.  MUST I necessarily replace the WooCommerce Newsletter form on the footer of my site to a Klaviyo form?
3.  I have a box in the checkout page of my site to give the customer the option to sign-up.  Can I have 2 places to sign-up for a newsletter linked to my Klaviyo account: footer AND checkout page? 

Thank you in advance for you response.



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5 replies

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@itdawnsonthegreen - A few helpful references that might help:

Now, with that out of the way.  Klaviyo *should* pull all your WooCommerce Customers into a Klaviyo List.  Depending if your “WooCommerce Newsletter Form” creates a Customer (or not), then that would determine if it goes into Klaviyo by default. 

If your “Footer Form” creates a “ WooCommerce Customer” (and I use the term loosely, because a Customer may not necessarily have made a purchase), then it will go into Klaviyo.  If it’s a separate Gravity Form, or some other Form Tool, or other widget or plugin that captures Emails, then you’d have to see if those tools integrate with Klaviyo (or you would have to update the code to do it).  

You can have as many places to Signup as you wish - for checkouts, it’s definitely recommended that you request consent before putting them into a marketing List.  I generally recommend using a Klaviyo Embedded Form if you can, as it let’s you track conversion rates, and even do A/B testing on them should you choose to in the future!

Hope this helps!  


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Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your reply.

As my store has only been up for a couple of weeks, I prefer to replace my Newsletter form that’s on the footer with a Klaviyo form, since I’ve only got 10 sign-ups to my Newsletter form. Yesterday, I had found the doc on how to add a Klaviyo form and I had created an embedded form in Klaviyo.  I didn’t publish the form because I wasn’t sure what  “You are about to save and publish your signup form to appear on your website” means.  It wasn’t clear to me if the form will appear on the website as soon as I hit the publish button, but I didn’t know WHERE on my site it will appear.  Now I realise that it’s up to me to decide WHERE the form will go but putting the code that is generated.  In my case, that will be on the footer.

Perhaps I’m dense, but I think the instructions would be clearer if the message for saving and publishing the form said:
“Save and publish the form; then copy/paste the code on your website where you want the form to appear” 


The “to appear on your website” in the first sentence is what makes it confusing. It gives the impression that upon pressing the publish button the form will appear on the website, but it’s not cleat HOW and WHERE that will happen. Putting the 2 instructions together, instead of separating then the way they are now, will make it clearer.

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@itdawnsonthegreen hi Mel,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with the Community! It’s really great to hear your perspective on the verbiage for “You are about to save and publish your signup form to appear on your website” - I can see why it would seem confusing, so this information has been passed along to the Klaviyo team so that they can assess it for improved clarity for our customers. 

Appreciate it and thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community! 

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The Newsletter form I created on Klaviyo is finally embedded in the footer of my website. 

But, when I enter an email on the form to subscribe to the newsletter, I get an email asking me to confirm that I want to subscribe to the newsletter.  Is this the way it should work?  Or am I doing something wrong? The email doesn’t actually get to Klaviyo until the the would-be subscriber confirms?

Is there a way to get the email directly to Klaviyo once it’s entered on the form in the footer?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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HI all,

I just figured out what I did wrong! 

On the list settings, I had checked the double opt-in process, instead of single opt-in.

Sorry about that.