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  • 17 May 2021
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I like to give my email subscribers access to all available free download links.

I have dozens of blog posts on my Shopify site offering a specific free download after email subscription. After someone subscribes I have buttons in my success message for all existing downloads (links to Shopify uploads).

This is a low maintenance approach that has the disadvantage that the desired download is not at top of the list after the user subscribes, and buttons are painful to design in Forms.

I’d like to separate this workflow, and, rather, create a form for each download, with a button to the download on the success page, with an All downloads link to a page with … all downloads. The problem now is that this would be an open page - I’d like to validate these by Klaviyo email subscription. 



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Hi @brendonbrown,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Klaviyo Community.

Including the link to the “all downloads” page on your site in the success message of a sign-up form is a fine solution to ensure the user has subscribed before re-directing them to the “all downloads” page.

Alternatively, you can set up Klaviyo sign-up forms to display on certain URLs on your website. If you navigate to the Behaviors tab, you’ll see the option to “only show on certain URLs”. From here, you can set form A to link to page A containing a specific download link. However, you will not be able to download the file directly on the sign-up form.

 Additionally, Klaviyo forms can be used to re-direct to another URL after submit. This is accomplished by first clicking on a button in the sign-up form and using the After Submit option Go to URL.


I hope this helps address your question. If not, it would be helpful if you could elaborate on what you mean by “validate” the email subscription.

Thanks and have a great day.