Send New Freebie Email On Form Submit for those already on a Double Opt-In List

  • 20 February 2023
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we have a form on our site that gives people access to a freebie page after they confirm their email in the double-opt in email. 

The problem is some people who have previously subscribed and are already on the list will resubmit their emails but then won’t receive a new email from klaviyo because they are still on the list from the first time they signed up.

How can we send an email to those who have already signed up to the list to direct them to the freebies page, skipping the double opt in, if they are already on the list? 


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4 replies

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Hi @Alex-111 - welcome to the community with your first question!

If you want to permit someone to repeatedly get to a “freebie page” - you may have to do a bit of custom programming to make this work.  As you observed, subscribers can only go through a List or Segment Triggered Flow exactly once, here in this documentation it explains:

Contacts can only receive a list-triggered flow once. If someone is removed from a list and then re-added to that same list, they will not re-trigger the flow. For example, if someone unsubscribes from your newsletter list and then re-subscribes, they will not receive the welcome series again.

(Same with Segments, by the way).

So the best way to work around this Limitation is to convert a “List Trigger” to a Metric Triggered Flow.  There are many Flows within Klaviyo that are sent more than once - typically things like Placed Order, Checkout Started, Add to Cart all trigger Flows an unlimited number of times per subscriber.

This requires a bit of custom coding or development to submit not only a form’s data to Klaviyo but also an “event” to Klaviyo.  You can also use third party tools like Zapier to possibly submit a Form into Klaviyo as an event.

Here’s a related post that might offer some insights as well:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @retention for the help. I do appreciate you taking the time to offer a work around 🙏

One would think that a “Form Submission” would be a standard event in Klaviyo or at the least an “Already Subscribed” email option / event handling for a form connected to a list. It’s hard to understand why they haven’t implemented a solution when I’ve seen this questions posed for a myriad of reasons by different people going years back and it is standard in even the most basic email marketing platforms. 


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@Alex-111 - glad you found it helpful.  I think that’s a great idea suggestion to have an “Already Subscribed” or “Resubscribed” event (as a separate built-in native Klaviyo Event).  Perhaps @David To or @Taylor Tarpley can submit it as a product/feature suggestion?

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@retention thanks :)