Sign up form - consent via a tickbox?

  • 1 March 2022
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Here’s the scenario: We want to create a competition sign up form to put on a web-page. This form will submit the email address, add hidden tags and collect email consent. We want to give the person the option to opt in for marketing emails, like a tick box.

We have tested this, and it seems that regardless of if you tick the box or not, clicking the submit button (which creates the event “subscribed to list”) automatically adds consent to a profile when they submit the form.

The only other way I can think to do this - is to create a separate competition list that they get added to, where by ticking the box it adds a hidden value (e.g. consent = yes). We can then use that value to manually add people to the main newsletter list, thus leaving anyone else who doesn’t want marketing emails out. However, given that there is a competition virtually every month - this then becomes a very manual process of segmenting and adding people from one list to another.

Ideally I want to avoid as much manual work as possible, as this increases the likelihood of errors occurring in the data. Can anyone suggest another solution? Or is it just as simple as - if you submit a Klaviyo form, you HAVE to opt in to marketing emails?


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3 replies

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Hi there @jadebiscuit,

Welcome to the Community. I have a quick question regarding your signup form and the list it is linked to. Is it set to double or single opt-in? Are you also integrated with Shopify as well? 

That would help me better understand what might be going on with your question.


Thank you!

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Yes integrated with Shopify and single opt-in.



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Hi @jadebiscuit,

Thanks! Then you are seeing that customers are automatically consented to your profile because your form is set to single opt-in. 

As, double opt-in is the default setting for Lists, you can change your List setting back from Single opt-in by going to List Settings and clicking on the Double Opt-in radio button and updating the new settings, as seen below. 



This should prevent users from receiving a second confirmation message after they first confirm their subscription. I would first ensure that you have changed the opt-in of the List connected to the right form in question as it is easy to change the settings of the wrong list accidentally.


Additionally, I would investigate whether or not you’re using 3rd party sign-up forms or apps to re-direct users to your Klaviyo list. If this is the case, it is possible that the opt-in setting from the third-party forms or apps opt-in settings are overriding the new Opt-in settings you’ve changed in Klaviyo.


Hope this helped,