Signup Form Not Showing up Immediately on Shopify Page

  • 16 February 2022
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My signup embedded form is not showing on my password page unless I refresh the page a few times. 

I have other Klaviyo pop-up form on home page and another signup embedded form on are regular page but those forms are showing as soon as the page loads.


I have checked the console in Javascript and this is what the error shows:

I’m not knowledgeable on Javascript, so I hope you can help me with this issue.

Thank you so much.

3 replies

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Hey @Gian29 

Thank you so much for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help!

I did remove the screenshot you shared before because it contained your API key to your account. Just want to make sure we protect your account as much as possible. Can you please share it again but redact your account IDs? Also can you share the code you used to embed the signup form?

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Hi, thank you for that! Wasn’t aware of that, so really appreciate you removing the screenshot. 

The screenshot I attached on my post mentioned that there are 2 accounts, so I have removed the klaviyo.js onsite and uninstalled then installed the Klaviyo again.

But then now, the form isn’t showing up anymore even if I refresh the page. This is what the console shows:

I hope you can help! Thank​ you so much!​​​​​​

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Hi @stephen.trumble, thank you so much for that initiative! 

This is the screenshot that I attached on my post. 

I tried to remove klaviyo.js on my Shopify site and uninstalled and installed the Klaviyo app again. The form still isn’t showing up and this is what the console error shows. Now the form is not showing up anymore even if I refresh the page.

Here’s the code of the form: <div class="klaviyo-form-Y9Xm3f"></div>

Hoping you can help! Thank you so much. 

*For admin, I posted my reply again as I forgot to include some information.