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  • 12 March 2021
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We have a dedicated sending domain setup. 

The confirmation email for the Sign Up Form is sent from We want to have the same sender as set up in the dedicated sending domain as some receieving servers reject or mark as spam due to the wrong sending SMTP.

The subscription then is sent from our dedicated sending domain. It is all good regarding DMARC.

Where can we set confirmation email sending server?


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2 replies

Currently, Klaviyo's double opt-in emails must use the domain, which may conflict with DMARC policies.

Use SMTPget’s smtp server to address this and  adjusting your DMARC policy, removing DMARC, or disabling double opt-in.

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Hi @Jari,

At this time, the double opt-in emails can only be sent using the domain. If you have a DMARC record on your from address domain, these emails will not be DMARC compliant. To resolve, you have a few options:

  1. Set DMARC policy to p=none
  2. Remove DMARC entirely
  3. Diable double opt-in

Hope this helps!