Why Does a Form teaser sometimes opens without clicking on it in Incognito Mode?

  • 22 May 2022
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So, I think the new form teaser feature is great. I finally got use it with a client who is not a fan of popups but wanted to at least try them out, so this was a good compromise. I did some testing in incognito mode, and it seems like a few times that the popup would open on scroll, instead of a click. It’s not very consistent, and i’d say 80% of the time it works as expected. 

Are there any settings or issues that might be the cause or anything?



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 23 May 2022, 17:07

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2 replies

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Hi @Taylor Tarpley , thanks - that’s a good point, however I just tried opening a new incognito mode window and visiting the site, and without touching the mouse or any other activity, the teaser displays after the 5 second delay, but then almost instantly the popup displays. I’ll reach out to support so they can take a look. Thanks again!

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Hi @wernstrom


As always, thanks for your feedback! Happy to hear you’ve had the opportunity to use our Form Teaser feature more. 


There aren’t any open bugs about this particular part of the form teaser that I’m aware of, however, to clarify, do you mean to say that after the form teaser was closed initially in Incognito mode, that it would again open if a user scrolled on the website vs. purposefully clicking the teaser to open the form again? 


From my experience, often times, when a form is showing multiple times per session, it's because there is something blocking the klaviyo cookie. Since you’re testing this in Incognito mode that doesn’t record cookies, there is no log stored indicating that the form has already been displayed, and thus it can continue to re-display and possibly function in this way. 


However, if you want further confirmation and explanation on what exactly is happening, I would reach out to our awesome support team as they are able to look and test feature functionality further. 


Thanks for your participation in the Community!