Collect phone numbers from a form and send a text to them

  • 6 March 2023
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Collect phone numbers from a form and send a text to them
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Please note that for your business to send SMS messages to your customer you must have explicit consent to receive SMS messages.

Klaviyo will only send text messages to profiles with SMS consent stored on their profile. Any profile without SMS consent will be skipped. I would highly suggest going over this great guide on Understanding explicit vs. implicit consent.

Phone numbers that you may have previously collected via different methods (ex. checkout page, sign-up form. etc.) without explicit consent will NOT qualify to receive SMS messages from your business unless the phone numbers have been collected for this purpose.

If you’re looking to grow your SMS subscriber list, you can check out this step by step guide on collecting SMS consent. There are several options for collecting or syncing consent into Klaviyo:

The easiest way is setting up a sign-up form to collect SMS subscribers. There are two ways to do this.

  1. You can take advantage of Klaviyo's Multi-Step Form to Collect Email and SMS Consent at the same time.
    The modal that pops up when you select to use a multi-step form which allows you to select two separate lists for email and SMS subscribers.
  2. You can use a "Tap-To-Text" (for mobile only), which will automatically configure a text with a subscribe keyword in the customer’s phone so that they can simply click the "send" button to subscribe to your designated list, ex. SMS subscribers list.

*Note that it's important to add a disclaimer message to click-to-text forms.

Once you have collected your SMS subscribers, you can follow our SMS getting started guide to start sending SMS messages to your subscribers.

I hope this helps you achieve your goals. You can also connect with your peers, explore more resources, and ask questions in our Community or check out these resources:

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If we have done all of the steps, and still can not get ANY of the app to work (send out anyting), and there is no customer service, what do you suggest we do?

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Hey @Brand63,

I think it would be helpful for myself and the rest of the Community if you shared more details on what doesn’t seem to be working or what you’re having troubles with.

In my experience, if you’re just starting out with SMS on Klaviyo some common mistakes or misunderstand that lead members to believe SMS is not working are:

  • signup form is not setup correctly to collect SMS consent
  • toll-free number is still in the process of being verified
  • recipients have not confirmed their subscription via double opt-in

When creating a signup form to collect SMS consent, it’s important that you’ve checked the box under the SMS Consent setting of “I plan to use this number for SMS marketing” in the phone number block. Simply adding a phone number block into your signup form does not equate to collecting one’s explicit consent for SMS. You’ll need both the SMS Consent setting enabled and the SMS disclosure block present. 

If you’ve recently setup and enabled SMS on your account, you may notice that your toll-free number is in the process of being verified. This process typically takes 7-10 business days to complete but could take long depending on your brand. Although you can still send SMS while the toll-free number is still undergoing the verification process, those SMS will be subject to much higher filter by inbox providers. For this reason, we highly recommend not to send SMS outside of testing purposes. Doing so could harm your sending reputation when a large number of messages are being filtered. 

Lastly, even if someone fills out a form to subscribe to SMS, that doesn’t always mean they’ve actually shared explicit consent. SMS consent won’t fully be collected until the subscriber confirms their subscription per the double opt-in confirmation text that’s sent to them.