Klaviyo Transactional SMS on ReCharge subscription Checkout

  • 21 February 2022
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Hello everyone,

It seems we aren’t generating enough sms consent with our newsletter enrollment on our front page.

We are looking at getting SMS consent on checkout for transactional SMS flow. We are currently using a wordpress front site, that is integrated with BigCommerce, and have ReCharge subscription too.

If I understand this properly we have 2 checkouts.

Does anyone have a similar configuration with have the Transactional Flows (ordered, tracking number) working for both checkouts BigCommerce and Recharge?

Could you guide me to the info  and or settings?

Thank you very much



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Hey there @salamiadil,

I would just recommend keeping both of those processes separate and sending transactional emails on one and consent SMS on the other. 

At present there wouldn't be a way to natively collect SMS consent at checkout with a third party checkout provider like ReCharge. In addition, I am unsure what you mean by a Transactional SMS. Customers either opt-in or not for SMS. I would suggest to create a conditional split in your flow for "Consented to SMS?" to split up the traffic into either SMS consented recipients to receive an SMS regarding their order or an email for the ones who have not consented to SMS marketing.

Let me know if that made sense,


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Hey sorry Alex,

I have made a mistake. We do have 2 different checkouts.

  1. if a customer is making a single purchase ----→ BigCommerce checkout
  2. if a customer is buying with a subscription---→ ReCharge checkout

Does that change the dynamic for what I need?

Are there really no one that uses Klaviyo with BigCommerce and ReCharge checkout and who want to communicate with their customers with text messages?

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Hi there @salamiadil,

Thanks for reaching out. SMS does not have a special transactional status like email does; in order to send transactional messages via SMS, you still need explicit consent for SMS communications. This includes all of the event data received from Recharge about the orders and what customers have ordered. 

Unfortunately, SMS consent is not collected at checkout on Recharge out of the box, at this time. You can work with a developer to utilize our List API V2 to implement this, however.
This may be a helpful article for you as well, if you do want to go that route: Guide to Collecting SMS Consent via API

If you are using this in the U.S and Canada, you can also make use of MMS messages and send personalized images of the products as well
You can learn more about that here - Add a Dynamic Image to SMS
For more information about SMS you can refer to Getting Started with SMS Handbook


Hope this helped,




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Thank you Alex,

I forgot to mentioned that we already have Transactional Email flows when a customer make a purchase.

I wrongly thought we had two checkouts. So whether it’s a one time purchase or a purchase subscription it’s the Rechageapp checkout that take care of it.

We are now interested in SMS messaging either for marketing or transactional purposes. Realistically SMS & Emails would work side by side. When a customer receives a transactional SMS, he won’t receive the transactional Email or maybe both we haven’t decided yet.

SMS is the way to correspond with the customers via their phones, mobiles.

Now SMS, thank goodness are highly regulated.

In order to start sending SMS, we need consent from the customers.

We activated our SMS settings in Klaviyo, so anybody who put their phone number and email address onto the newsletters subscription on our front page, will receive a text message with a promo code (15% off), and later could get either marketing text messages or emails.

Unfortunately this method of SMS consent isn’t as popular amongst our customers.

Our goal is to have a SMS consent at checkout for transactional info.

Our checkout is managed by Recharge app. It’s the app that allow our customers to get a 15% off when they want to receive a product every month or 6 months.

We were wondering if anyone in the community has a ReCharge checkout with a checkbox activation SMS consent (Klaviyo), for a customer to receive their transactional messages on mobiles. We believe we will start having a faster growing signup than the one on the front page. We want all the SMS (mobile) messaging to be managed by Klaviyo, not Recharge since they also have a SMS notification solution.

My question is: Is there anyone in the Klaviyo community that uses “ReCharge” for checkout and has Klaviyo Transactional SMS (Mobile/Phone) messaging?

If yes could you point me on how to do it?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi there @salamiadil,

Let me see if I understand you correctly. 

Klaviyo doesn't currently include any pre-built emails for reCharge notifications. These would have to be built from scratch in the email editor and then added to a Flow in order to be marked as transactional. If you choose to do this, I'd recommend you to check out this article from our help center, which provides instructions on how to include event information in your emails through template tags (this will allow you to populate information from the reCharge subscription into an email): About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows. I would also recommend you to check out this other article which covers how to send transactional emails from Flows: Guide to Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails
Please note that Klaviyo syncs three metrics from reCharge: Expired Subscription, Cancelled Subscription and Started Subscription - so you'll only be able to trigger emails in Klaviyo from these 3 metrics.

As for BigCommerce, we have pre-built templates for Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation emails (with the Klaviyo variables already inserted), but you would need to build out the Account Created Confirmation manually. This may require some custom dev work since I don't think BigCommerce sends us an event when a new account is created. Reference here.
Once your Flows have been built please let the support team know so they can mark those messages as transactional. This guide here would be the most useful on How to How to Create a Transactional Email

I am unsure where you are getting two checkouts. Are you saying that you have two pages for the checkout process or a customer is going through two different checkouts? In that case, could I ask the reason for the setup?