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  • 9 November 2022
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During a setup of SMS channel there is required field with company phone number. Please let me know for what reason it is necessary? Our company is fully online our customer service use chat and email forms. If its only for contact with klaviyo I can put there my number right?


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5 replies

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Hi @Jay

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue! I am seeing that you had a support ticket open about this issue, which resolved the issue. I’ll share the resolution here in case it helps anyone else out!

(phone number removed in screenshot that was included in the thread, but it included an Australian phone number with the country code +61)

Toll-free numbers can only be used for sending within the US and Canada, therefore a branded sender ID, long code, or short code is needed to send to the UK and Aus, which can easily be activated within your account once you've signed up for SMS. I would therefore first recommend un-ticking the boxes for Aus and UK to get started with a toll-free number. If this still does not work, please try removing the. '+' symbol before your number. 
Once submitted, you should then automatically be assigned a Toll Free Number, and this would allow you to collect SMS consent and send SMS messages to profiles in US and Canada. To learn more about different sending numbers, you can check out this guide for How to Choose an SMS Sending Number. You should then be able to set up a branded sender ID within your account by navigating to Account and Billing > Settings > SMS, and clicking on 'Activate' next to the countries you were looking to send to. 
For more details on how to set up SMS, check out our Getting started with SMS handbook on setting up SMS.
I hope this helped clarify!



Hi there,

Further to the above messages, I am trying to set-up sms but when I enter my phone number for the company phone it’s giving me an error message; saying I must “Enter a valid company phone number”. Any ideas why this error is appearing when it is a real valid phone number I am entering?

Thanks so much in advance :).



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Hi @Jakub,

A company phone number is required for SMS, but it is not your sending number (it can be a sales number for example). It is used for the virtual contact card information. In this process it is required as an extra piece of information to validate a business, but won’t be called. I hope that clarifies! 


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Hi Chloe, still not fully understand what is company phone number for? And what if we are fully online company without any land line phone number? Or if our HQ is in Germany and our Shopify store is working only on US market?

As this field is mandatory I cannot activate functionality without help.

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Hi @Jakub

Thanks for the question and for being a part of Community! You will need to enter a company phone number. It can be any number, cell phone or landline. Just make sure that you do include the country code at the beginning of the number, i.e. +1 for USA

Our guide for setting up SMS walks you through the entire process and should be a big help!

Let me know if you have other questions.