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  • 20 July 2023
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Trying to tease a release but our SMS campaign literally didn’t send to anybody. Tested on just myself aswell. There’s consent with everybody I tried to send it to and it just didn’t go through. Kind of stressed right now bc now we have to delay this release because we can’t let any of our subscribers know of this information. Also this drained my credits while testing this out multiple times so that made it even worse. Would appreciate if there was a solution, Thank you.


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Hi there @core


I’m sorry to hear you had frustration with your last campaign send! Happy to help!


Did you investigate what the reason was for your skipped recipients of your campaign? You can investigate who received or didn’t receive your campaign (and why) when navigating to the ‘Recipient Activity tab’ of your campaign report. In my experience, normally the reasons why part or all of an SMS audience might have been skipped could any of the follow:

  • A brand is so excited to send an SMS campaign that they try to send before their SMS sending number is verified.  A toll free number can take anywhere from 7-10 days to verify and we don’t recommend sending before as it can lead to unpredictable delivery rates.
  • Messages were skipped due to Smart Sending . If this profile has received another message from you too recently, they will be skipped from receiving the current message.


Hope this bring more insight into the situation!


My question was if I send my toll-free verification again before the 7-10 days are over does it reset the days? Also, I submitted my toll-free request on November the 27th, today is the 8th day when does the update come by? I'm trying to see when would I get the update to determine whether or not I have been accepted.