SMS Organization Prefix - Does it have to be the company name?

  • 26 April 2022
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Hi Klaviyo community!

One of my clients wants to try sending SMS where instead of the normal organizational prefix (example: Company name: Here’s my SMS message) they want to use their names instead. I looked through Klaviyo documentation and could only find that it is highly recommended to use the organization prefix to help people identify who the text is from, but my client is really keen to try using their names instead (they are using SMS to build community). 

I thought we might try with an MMS where the image has the company logo on it (so it’s clear who the message is from) - are there any reasons why it would be a terrible idea to use a name instead of the organization prefix? (example: Person’s name: Here’s my SMS message)


Thanks for any advice!


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I would like to know this as well! I’m able to incorporate subscribers’ names in email, but would also like to do the same for text so the personalization is in sync.

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Hi @KatherineB and @GE329,

Thanks for sharing and getting a discussion going in the Community.

First, I just want to share out our Compliance Options for SMS documentation that covers some practices and guidance for this topic. 

Everything is dependent and situational to your businesses and I would only recommend just to inform your recipients. 


Hope that could help.


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@KatherineB - With all the Compliance Options considered, you *can* disable the organization prefix, and put in your own prefix text (or context) within the message itself manually. Just note, most people (in USA) won’t know who these messages are from so the “Company Name” prefix helps them understand it’s from a brand they are familiar with.  Obviously, if the message (or MMS/image) itself suggests this, then you are probably safe - but if the message is like “Joe: hey, check out this link” - it’s going to be super suspicious and may elicit Opt-Outs at a rapid rate.

Don’t forget about the automated message responses - those definitely should have prefixes to give context of whom the message is from.