404 page not found when trying to login online

  • 22 February 2023
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Hello, I’ve been trying to login to Klaviyo for the past 2 days now. I thought the issue would be fixed by now. When I click the sign-in button online I get redirected to this 404 page 


Page not found

It’s pronounced


Also when I try to access the app through my bigcommerce site its just a blank page that seems to be loading forever. Can someone please tell me what appears to be the issue with Klaviyo?


P.S it was working perfectly fine on my bigcommerce before, but even that shouldn’t affect why I get redirected to a 404 page on the Klaviyo website.





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5 replies

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Hi @Kerisa, welcome to the community.

Sorry you’re having logging in issues.  Sometimes when I have 404 issues it’s because I’m trying to access a certain part of Klaviyo specific to a different account because I had it open in a tab from an earlier session.  Close all your tabs, maybe even restart your Browser or device if you move between different Klaviyo accounts.

If you’re having login issues from within Bigcommerce, make sure the correct Klaviyo account is still connected to the one you have access.  I’ve seen that sometimes someone inadvertently creates a new Klaviyo account (when they were trying to login, and then links that new Klaviyo account to Bigcommerce).  

If you still can’t login, this is definitely a question to reach out for customer support to help you sort this out as it may have something to do with your login, credentials and security measures to keep your account safe.  Klaviyo shouldn’t be down for days at a time, and if they are every having operational issues, you can see it’s status here:

Hope this helps!

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Hello Joseph, thanks for responding. I didn’t try to login in using different details, as soon as I pressed the sign in it sent me the 404 page, so not sure as to why. It just kept loading and displayed a blank page on bigcommerce so again no chance to even try to login. 


I don’t know what the issue is, I’m sure it will sort itself out, for now I’ll just access it through Chrome.

Thanks again


7 months later and this issue is still happening.  It just happened to me 5 mins ago. 

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Hi @Danny Curnen


Do you mind sharing more about the issue you’re facing? Were you trying to login and saw the 404 page and have you been able to recreate this issue? As our Community Champion stated above, this can sometimes happen if you are trying to login to a different klaviyo account while currently in another.


Hope this helps!


Same issue here. I think it will be because of a last login that Klaviyo still remembers. Deleting cookies doesn't solve it. It does work in another browser, but you Klaviyo should fix this