Academy "first name" is my email address?

  • 11 September 2022
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Hi folks,

Hoping someone at Klaviyo can resolve this - I logged into my academy profile and noticed that my first name field is also showing my email address. Happy to submit info via DM etc. Thanks!


Best answer by Bobi N. 12 September 2022, 06:59

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this usually happens when you didn’t added any name as your first name. If you go to any account into the account section and then select contact information - personal there you can add your first and last name. After that your first name will show as your first name that you will set there

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Thanks @Bobi N. , that was it. I use a different “client” email/login for klaviyo that is separate to the one I used for academy stuff, so it’s easy to miss these things. Appreciate it!