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  • 21 September 2020
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When you first navigate to the homepage of the Klaviyo website, www.klaviyo.com, you will be met with a high-level overview of what Klaviyo has to offer along with links and tabs. On the upper right of the homepage, there are three clickable links: Request Demo, Sign Up, and Account or Login. 

  • Request Demo: This link is useful if you are completely new to Klaviyo and want to learn more about its value and features. By clicking this Request Demo link and filling out the form, you are initiating a request for a product walkthrough and consultation with a member of the Sales team. Generally, such requests are fulfilled within 24 hours of submission.

  • Sign Up: This link allows you to create a Klaviyo account. Upon clicking on this link, a signup form appears with fields requesting standard information about your business, such as company name and URL. On this form, you’ll be able to create a username and password to access your new Klaviyo account.

  • Account: This link appears if you have an existing account with Klaviyo and did not properly log out of your account through the Log Out button on the upper right. It means that you are still logged into your account and can navigate back into it without re-entering your credentials.

  • Login: This link allows you to access your account with your username, password, and possibly a verification code.


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