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Hello how I can remove 2 accounts from my profile and leave just one?




Best answer by alex.hong 9 June 2022, 20:32

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I found that link but when I going to Manage my Subscription, for me showing different.

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Klavyio support is ********* all day try to connect and …….

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 Why for me when press manage subscribe, nothing showing how its says?

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Hello @DeHome,

Thanks for posting to the Community regarding your multiple account error.

It seems you have created multiple accounts while using the same email. 

Before you cancel your account, note the following: 

  • Only account Owners can cancel an account or channel
  • This method does not apply to those who:
    • Are on a manually billed plan
    • Have a contract that is greater than 1 month

To check if you are manually billed, head to your Account Overview in Klaviyo. To cancel your subscription when being manually billed, please contact our Support team

The Community cannot handle Account removal and it will be handled by our Support / Privacy team. I do see there is an open ticket for support so please continue your correspondence with them. Email support is available between 6 am–10 pm ET on weekdays and 10 am–4 pm ET on weekends. 


Thank you,


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How possible catch Klaviyo support?  I wrote 2 days in online chat, no one response, write an email, just yesterday answer one letter thats it, how long it takes that small issue fix, maybe one month or two with that support team…….:D It’s crazy I first time see like that support :D

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Hello @DeHome,

Thanks for the writeup.

I see that although you wrote in a support ticket on Tuesday, someone had reached out to you the very next day and have been in correspondence with you since. It was resolved within 48 hours and I see your account is okay now.

Thank you for the feedback.