Account Suspended due to spammers using our phone number to send SMS

  • 9 July 2023
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A concerned customer contacted us regarding a fraudulent message allegedly sent from our phone number. However, unfortunately, we encountered an unexpected account suspension without any prior notice.

In response to this situation, I submitted a request to reinstate access to our account. However, I discovered that reaching out to support via live chat requires logging in, which is currently not possible. How long does it usually take for anyone to get back regarding this issue? 


How to avoid a phone number being stolen by scammers in the future? 



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Hi there @justinepnk


I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you! 


I have seen that you have been able to get connected with our Support team and are working on next steps. In cases like these, where your account is disabled due to sending malicious content,  submit a support request for account access and then let our support team know what the situation and how we can help! 


While there isn’t a full-proof way to prevent situations like these, we encourage taking steps to protect your account such as using unique and strong strong passwords for your accounts and enabling 2FA (two factor authentication ) 


Thanks for participating in the Community!