Active On Site data, View Product Data, Add to Cart Data is not working

  • 5 January 2023
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Hi there,

Hope you guys are doing well. I have never faced this issue before. I have integrated with shopify properly and perfectly. And I also tested myself by using this Link ?

But the active on site and View product data is not working. And also I have set up the Add to cart Snippet. It’s also not working as well.



Active On Site data is not working.


Viewed Product Data is not working as well.


For Add to Cart Trigger. [ When I click on the Add to cart button it doesn’t redirect me to another page. So I follow the First Method of the Add to Cart guidelines.


Shopify them version 3.0.0


I have also tried for this issue: 



Looking forward to hearing you. Thanks in advanced.


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Hi @forman ,

Thanks for sharing.

To troubleshoot, can you confirm that the embed feature is toggled on and saved? It will show that it's toggled on like in your screenshot, but if you aren't clicking Save, then it won't actually apply the snippets. Have you clicked Save on the Shopify page yet?
It's usually in one of the top corners of the page:

Another troubleshooting area we can check is that you aren't seeing users trigger the Viewed Product or Active on Site event is because we do not cookie users that signup through Shopify or third party signup forms and is there a popup form on your site that is not inherent to Klaviyo? 
Klaviyo cookies users one of 3 ways:
1. User signs up through a Klaviyo signup form
2. User clicks through Klaviyo email to your website
3. You enable an identify API call (requires API work and a developer to set up)
If this is the case: What I would recommend here as the easiest solution if you're looking to track onsite users is to recreate the signup forms you have but within Klaviyo. This will allow Klaviyo to cookie the user and therefore track the Viewed Product and Active on Site metrics, as I did below.
Here's a help article that goes into greater detail about how Klaviyo cookies users:


Lastly, I would recommend contacting our Support team since they are able to go into your account on a deeper level and check other areas we cannot view in the Community.




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Yes it’s enable and I saved it.


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When I checked this thing showed up.

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Hi @forman ,

It could be then our system is showing that at the moment that your Shopify store is not successfully enabled within your Klaviyo account, possibly due to an Authentication error. This is why you may see that the App Embed is not working as expected. 
To get this fixed, we can simply remove the Shopify integration and reconnect it. It is important to note that this does not delete any important data within Shopify or in Klaviyo. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to your Klaviyo account via an incognito/private window of your web browser.  If you need assistance opening an incognito/private window of your web browser, please click here.
  2. Open a new tab within the incognito/private window of your web browser to login to your Shopify admin
  3. Navigate to the Shopify Integration page within Klaviyo.
  4. Click the arrow next to Disable Integration and select Remove Integration.
  5. ?name=inline-1463954760.png
  6. Navigate to the Integrations Page within Klaviyo
  7. Search for “Shopify” and re-add the Integration

This will take you through the authentication process within Shopify to ensure that Klaviyo has the proper permissions to connect to your store.

Once you have completed these steps, your Integration should perform as expected. You can verify this by checking that there are no error messages here

Let me know how that went