Adding team members to my Klaviyo partner program

  • 11 October 2022
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Hi guys,


I’m the founder of an email marketing agency. I can’t see how to add my team members to the Klaviyo partner program portal so that they can also go through the product certification. Please help.


Best answer by matt.serwin 12 October 2022, 17:59

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8 replies

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Hi Raphael,


Your team should be able to go to and click ‘Request an Account’ to get access. As long as they have the same email domain you used to join the program, it should give them access immediately.


If they are having issues, please reach out to and our team can help get your team added.

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Thanks Matt. The person I want to add doesn't have the same domain with me. Is there a way around that?


Also, isn't there a way for non-partners to watch your product certification course?

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You can have them go to the and click Request Account. If you can then message me the email address they are registering with, I’ll help with ensuring they get access to the portal.

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He's used this email address:

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Thanks Raphael, I’ve let our operations team know and will work on linking that to your account so they can access the portal.

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Thanks. Will he get notified when the account is linked?


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Hi Guys,


I am currently managing 10-15 Managed accounts on Klaviyo Partner Account, but I want someone from my team to also be able to work on these accounts.

How can I get them added to work on all managed accounts they are already added to the partner account.


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Hi @Nitin Sharma


Happy to help! 


Do these team member share your domain? If so, @matt.serwin’s advice would add your team members to the accounts you manage!