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  • 9 February 2022
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Hi All,

I was just reading the new update on MPP tracking by Klaviyo, do you guys recommend changing email conversion to “Opened or clicked email (excluding Apple privacy opens)” if so does it mean it wont include AI opens? 

Keen to know more about it.





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Hi @Sunny,

Thank you for sharing this question with the Community.

To clarify, Apple Privacy Open tracking in Klaviyo does not necessarily mean that the open was generated by Apple in an automated fashion versus being opened by a human being. Rather, it means that the opened email event came from the mail app on a device with iOS 15+ installed and with mail privacy protection enabled.

To address your question on whether you should be excluding these users from conversions, you may want to consider first gauging the amount of users you have impacted by Apple Privacy Opens in your account by creating a segment for just these users. That would look like the following: What somebody has done > Opened Email > at least once overall time where Apple Privacy Open = True. If you notice a large portion of your overall profiles contains these users, you may want to consider explicitly excluding them from conversions by either using exclude Apply Privacy opens or using click as the conversion metric instead of opens.

I assume you are referring to our blog here in your question, but if not that contains some helpful information too :)

I hope that helps!

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Thank you Dov.

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Hi DD,

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. I really appreciate it.

I have built a segment to identify recipients using MPP and it is indeed a large portion, Approximately 380k users have had MPP turned on.

Just for the test, I excluded them from our engaged segment (last 60 days opened or clicked or purchased) and the numbers shrinked from 658k to 438k 

Now the question is Do you suggest excluding these MPP users from the engaged list because this is the segment that we use for our campaign emails (launches and sales). does that mean 220k users are of no use and if we send them emails, it might impact on our deliverability?


I really appreciate you taking time to help klaviyo community.

Thank you,



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Hi @Sunny,

Thanks for your follow-up reply.

Rather than completely excluding this entire group of MPP users, I recommend creating a slightly more tailored campaign exclusion segment for users who have MPP opens and have not actively engaged: 

This way, we’re being a bit more targeted on who we are excluding from your campaign sends. If you notice this group still has a substantial portion of contacts, you may want to consider extending the time-frame to zero times in the last 60 days for Opened and Clicked Email in this definition. Additionally, I recommend performing regular list cleaning to ensure you are emailing profiles who are actively engaged with your brand.

I hope that’s helpful.