Auto-upgrade disabled but still being billed

  • 17 September 2022
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Dear Sir/ Madam

We're from OrangePrints and we would like to get more information that why our  Auto- upgrade has been disabled for our account. But we're still deducted in this month. And please send us an available email to contact because we have sent a lot of emails to your contact mail but didn't get any responses.

We look forward to hearing from you soon




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Hello @Orange,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

The Community forum is a space for Klaviyo Customers, partners and other users to network and learn from one another. Since this question pertains specifically to your account and its billing plan, you may have more success for an answer in reaching out and speaking with our wonderful Support colleagues

From your statement however, I think there may be some confusion on how Klaviyo bills - especially surrounding the auto-upgrade option. Auto-upgrade is an optional part of your billing plan where it helps to prevent your campaigns and flow messages from being paused when you hit your plan limit. This function essentially says that if you are nearing the limits of your existing plan, you’ll allow Klaviyo automatically upgrade your plan to the next billing tier to prevent any disruptions in your sending. 

One the other-hand, Klaviyo, like any subscription service will bill on a reoccurring monthly basis. So, this means you getting a reoccurring charge is to be expected unless you’ve decided to cancel your account prior to your subscription plan’s renewal date. 

I hope this helps!



We have contacted many times your support service to cancel the plan but didn’t get any responses. We’ve also disabled the connection between Shopify and Klaviyo. Your support service is so bad and we will write reviews on other platforms about your service to ensure others will not use this lousy app.

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Hey @Orange,

Let me extend an apology for the negative experience you’ve had in cancelling your account. 

To do so, you wouldn’t actually need to contact our colleagues at all! If you haven’t already, you can actually cancel your account yourself by following the steps found in our How to cancel your Klaviyo account Help Center article. 

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Click into the account menu from the bottom-left corner of your screen and select Account & Billing
  1. Navigate to Billing > Billing Preferences
  1. Under Plan Overview, select Manage my Subscription(s)
  1. If you wish to continue, choose the subscription you want to cancel (e.g.,Cancel my Email subscription)
  1. Click Continue
  1. Select a reason for canceling; select all that apply
  1. Optional: add feedback in the box labeled What else could we do to improve
  1. Click Continue once you finish adding your reason(s) for canceling
  1. Optional: choose one of the provided educational resources to try out a suggested strategy by clicking into a resource or Back to Overview
  1. To continue canceling your account, select Continue
  1. Choose when your cancelation takes effect
  • At the end of the billing cycle (recommended)
    • Campaigns and flows will continue to send until the date listed as the last day of this billing cycle
    • Integrations will also work until the last day of the billing cycle
    • At the end of your billing cycle, you will no longer be able to send messages in Klaviyo and all integrations and future payments will be disabled
  • Immediately
    • Your account will be closed immediately
      • Integrations and future payments will be disabled
      • Flows and campaigns will no longer send 
    • No refunds will be issued for any remainder of the billing period
  1. Click the box to confirm you understand how canceling impacts your Klaviyo email, SMS, or both subscriptions
  1. Review the confirmation message and next steps