Billing Error - Your card does not support this type of purchase

  • 13 July 2021
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Your card does not support this type of purchase.

this is the error that i get when i put my visa card for update my account for snd more mails

what can i do?


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2 replies

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Hello @idoo199777,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

You’ll typically see this error when entering a new credit card into Klaviyo to either renew your subscription plan or start a new subscription. This sort of error indicates that Klaviyo is unable to process your payment. I would suggest contacting your bank or credit card company for further details as to why the payment is not being processed and resolving this through them before trying again. This can usually happen if the credit card either does not have enough funds, your credit card is flagging the transactional as fraudulent, or any other number of reasons that your credit card did not process the transaction. 

I hope this helps!




If you’re a Klaviyo user in India, then recent RBI (central banking regulatory body) guidelines (see this) completely prevent subscription billing without freshly defined two factor authentication, and only up to a specific INR amount (above which there’s authentication required on each transaction). Until last month (April’22), Klaviyo system triggered invoices could be individually ‘one-time paid’ online. However, this isn’t the case any more (attempted with 4 different perfectly suitable cards). 

I’ve reached out to Klaviyo support if there’s an alternate way to go about payments. Failing which, I’m going to face a cascading set of automation failures, and I believe so will everyone else in the country. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Will update if there’s a resolution.