Can we use same account for development and production server?

  • 18 January 2022
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I am getting confused with the klaviyo multi account setup. We wanted to use klaviyo on our website. we have two environments development and production environment. 

1. Do we need to create two accounts for the development and production environment?

2. If we have two 2 store views of a site, do we need to create a separate account for them or one account will do?

Can anyone please suggest me for the above questions?

Thanks in advance !


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Hi @Mas - welcome to the community!

From my limited experience with Magento, you *can* have multiple stores/views mapped to a single Klaviyo account - but you would have to carefully manage your Lists with store instance Segments so you can discern which store a subscriber belongs too.  Alternatively, you can also have one Klaviyo Account for each store to keep the audiences and events completely separate and properly scoped to each store.

Assuming you’re on Magento 2, you can reference this guide to see which path works best for you:

But if you are trying to separate your development from your production environment for testing and QA purposes, you may want to consider creating a separate Klaviyo account for that so that you have separate instances to test/try before pushing those changes over to production.  In Klaviyo, you can easily toggle between Klaviyo accounts as long as you use the same email address to login across all your Klaviyo accounts.  And, you can “clone” over Templates and even Flows to make it easy to migrate things from your development Klaviyo account to your production one. 

Some other references to help:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you. It helps.