Cant sign in "Your attempt to switch accounts has failed. "

  • 3 October 2023
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I cant sign into Klaviyo , i get this message “
Your attempt to switch accounts has failed”
i cant even chat with klaviyo support since i cant log in

Does anybody knows how to solve this? 



Best answer by Nikki Garcia 3 October 2023, 21:27

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Was having the same issue today and realized how terrible the support is for klaviyo as you have to be able to login to access the support portal. 

There was a form you could submit for account access but the list of options did not align with this issue and then when I tried to submit, zendesk was also down and it couldn’t go through. 

It seems to be resolved now, but this was eye opening as to the level of support options, Klaviyo needs to do better. 

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Thank you Nikki

This is very frustrating , would be great they offer support even without the need to log in, im sure if i was able to chat with them, they would have fixed it right away or at list give me an update 

AGREE!!! I was searching the community because there was no record of an outage on any of their status pages. I saw your post but couldn’t respond because I couldn’t log in. 
Couldn’t use chat because I couldn’t log in.. Very frustrating!!!