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Choosing The Best Klaviyo Plan For Your Business

  • 23 September 2020
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Klaviyo's billing structure is based on two criteria:

  1. The number of active profiles in your account

  2. The number of emails you send during the month

To see the total number of active profiles in your account, navigate to the Profiles page as shown below. After confirming the active profile count, head over to Account > Billing > Email Billing to choose a plan that will cover the active profile count and your monthly sends.

In Profiles, you can see the total number of active profiles in your account.


2 replies

Hi I wonder how the number of contacts are calculated? If I fx make a segment and delete it again, because I don’t use, will It then still count up the emails contacts number?

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Hi @VeloWear 


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Klaviyo bills its users depending on the number of profiles or contacts found in your account and whether or not you send emails to more than the max number of active profiles in your billing segment. You can find the number of ‘Active Profiles’ by navigating to your Profile Tab in your account.


When you make a segment in Klaviyo, you are not creating more profiles in your account. A Segment dynamically pulls profiles, that are already in your account, into a specific grouping based on the stated segment criteria. As segments do not add ‘Active’ profiles into your account, they will not affect how your billing is calculated. 


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