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Hi Klayvio,

My site is so originally we were using emails for our company. We started getting a lot of spam, and some people were confusing the “wear” for “we are”, so we purchased a new domain (, and transitioned to using emails.

When the DMARC rules changed, we couldn’t figure out what needed to be done to add our customer service email: to our klayvio/godaddy account, so that it was configured correctly and we could fully transition to using that email for customer communication. 

Because of that, klayvio emails are our last emails that are still being sent through

I’ve spent some time trying to figure out how to set it up correctly and the only articles I can find are about switching from one domain to another, or setting up your domain to be DMARC compliant, but we want to continue using for the site and make all emails go through

If anyone can help that would be appreciated.



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Hey @Evanaritt, thanks for your question and welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you are looking to change the domain in your Klaviyo account, is that correct?

If that’s the case, you can follow THIS GUIDE on how to rebrand in Klaviyo - it includes changing your domain and taking steps to warm the domain up and communicate with your customers (if necessary).

In terms of a quick guide, you can change your account’s default domain by navigating to Account > Settings > Contact Information > Organization. In addition, since you are updating your domain, I would also suggest updating your Default Sender Email Address as well to ensure your designated brand is aligned. 

Hope this made sense, happy to chat further!


Hey @StefanUE thanks for getting back quickly.

Ok maybe that is what I’m trying to do - are you saying I should be able to run my website as AND send emails through Klayvio using by changing my Klayvio domain from to 

doing that won’t impact email deliverability? From what I understood, the klayvio domain has to match the actual domain of my company’s website, otherwise email providers might filter or block emails coming from our emails if we are still running our site on

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@Evanaritt in short, it shouldn’t affect your email deliverability as long as everything is fully verified (DNS, DKIM, branded sending domain...) and all of your send from email addresses are updated. ISPs won’t automatically block you just because you are using two different domains, other reasons need to be at play as well for this to happen. You can learn more about email deliverability HERE.

Many brands use an alternative domain to send their emails out in order to protect their main domain’s IP reputation (e.g. if you are doing cold outreach or wholesale). 

I am, however, happy to concede if there are other opinions or experiences from within the community team.