Custom Domain Mixup Question

  • 16 March 2022
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Hi Community,


We have multiple Klaviyo accts and while trying to set up custom domain sending for 1 acct, I accidentally switched it over to the other account’s domain. We’ve since switched it back to its original settings, but I was wondering if it now requires me to start a warming period again with the account, even though we’ve been sending through this domain for 6 months already.


Grateful in advance for any direction with this.




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4 replies

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Hey @Daniel F13 

Thank you for coming to the Klaviyo Community with such a great question about warming your sending infrastructure when changes are made.

It is always a bummer when changes accidentally get made but I am so happy you were able to fix your accounts! Although you changed everything back to the correct settings, it is a best practice to rewarm the account. If you have been following positive sending practices and keeping up with good list hygiene your warming period will not be very long. The risk of not rewarming your sending infrastructure  will have a much longer term impact on your account and is harder to bounce back from. Here are a couple of community post from other members on the same topic:

I hope this helps, and thank you again for being an engaged member of the Klaviyo Community. We truly appreciate members like you!

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Thanks so much @stephen.trumble I did not see this reply in time, and hoped for the best and sent a campaign to a segment of about 6k who had clicked in the last 180. Fingers crossed.

In terms of the open rates, I know with the new IOS updates, they are not as reliable as before...but do open rates still have a positive impact on warming the domain anyways?


Thanks again!

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Hey @Daniel F13 

One of the guides to warming actually says to send a campaign to your 180 day engaged customers! Hopefully the volume isn’t a problem. So it’s potentially a good thing!

To answer your last question, yes open rates will still positively impact your deliverability. Klaviyo recently released some new product features to help you segment your audience with the new iOS 15 privacy update

Audience segmentation

There’s a flag on the opened email event labeled “Apple privacy open” which, when used, will allow users to segment their customers based on whether or not their opens came from Apple’s mail privacy protection feature. 

Below is an example of this technique being applied to update criteria on an engaged (3 months) segment:

In this example, adding the condition where Apple privacy open equals “false” will exclude recipients who have mail privacy protection enabled from this engaged segment. Keeping the “or” condition for users who have at least one clicked email event in that timeframe will include users who have mail privacy protection enabled and have clicked an email. 

The Apple privacy open field on the opened email event is reliable beginning November 20, 2021. Opens that occurred prior to this date may have values for Apple privacy open. But be aware that the coverage may not be 100%.

It is important to note that when Apple privacy open = true for a given open, that does not mean that the open was necessarily generated by Apple in an automated fashion versus being opened by a human being. Apple does not provide visibility about this function. It simply means that the opened email event came from the mail app on a device with iOS 15+ installed and with mail privacy protection enabled. 

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Wow! @stephen.trumble thank you so much for all this valuable information. Super helpful!