Customer service live chat support for Australia

  • 19 August 2021
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Is there any plan for offering live chat support for Australian customers? 

It seems crazy to be paying a premium for a paid account and only be able to access support between 10pm - 7am Aus time. 


5 replies

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Hello @Emma W,

At present, Klaviyo’s live chat support hours are 9am – 5pm EST Monday through Thursday, and 9am – 4pm EST on Fridays for clients on our paid plans. Although this does translate to being 11pm – 7am AUS Monday through Thursday and 11pm – 6am AUS on Friday, you do still have the option of contacting out email support team which operates between 6am – 10 pm EST on weekdays and 10am – 4pm EST on weekends. 

In addition, you can connect with other Klaviyo Community members to learn, grow, and further discuss best practices within our Klaviyo Community space anytime of the day!

As Klaviyo begins to grow and expand, we’ll begin to explore methods of supporting all of our clients globally. I’ll share your feedback with our internal teams regarding our Live Chat availability!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community! Have a great day!


@David To  this is really unsatisfactory. Klaviyo is costing me nearly $100 AUD per month and I’ve got to stay up until 11pm to use Support? Not OK. Klaviyo is going to have to try harder to accommodate their Australian customers.

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Hey @ChocolateOnPurpose,

First, let me apologize for the frustration that this may have caused. Our teams are making great strides towards offering support for all our customers both domestically and internationally. 

To work towards this endeavor, we’ve recently expanded our footprint to Sydney to support customers in our APAC region. You can checkout out some of our press release from both BusinessWire and Yahoo Finance

Although we do not yet have 24/7 chat support, keep in mind we are still broadening our footprints to work towards this goal!

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community member!


This is a pain for me as well. I am spending over 10 times what David is spending and I need to know why you dont support WebP image format and have to deal with a stupid bot. I am now operating out of Asia for the Australian market. You make enough money to have better support. All that happens is the name (your brand) is lowered in value. I am now having to convert images into a jpeg format that is simply silly. The webP format visually shows on your website… idk seems out of place with today’s tech. Then Im left to search the net for anything related to support and find this thread. But like all things nothing will change… more non attended bot responses and what’s worse is some of them will be from real people with answers no better than a bot. Read from the script.. stick to the narrative.. ahhh that feels better.. maybe someone will read this and feel better too.

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Hi there @DgdOnline


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and I am truly sorry that this has been a frustrating support experience for you. 


We have the bot to help assist users upon their initial outreach to us, but a member of our support team always enters after to help our customers if the issue is still unresolved. I can see that a member of our support team was able to reach out to you regarding your WebP image question and submitting your request to our product team. However, I can understand that this is still frustrating as there is extra work you have to do to converting all your WebP images to jpegs. 


We do aim to help our customers around the globe by offering 24/7 Email support and 24/5 Chat support for paying customers.  I’m sorry to hear this was wasn’t satisfactory for you.