Do transactional emails count as contacts for billing?

  • 7 March 2021
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I have just signed up and was wondering if anyone who has been using Klaviyo could tell me whether or not the customers that are not signed up to your marketing emails, but do receive a transactional mail through Klaviyo count as a “contact” for Klaviyos billing purposes?


We want to send all transactional emails through Klaviyo instead of Shopify, but obviously that would add a lot to the cost if this is the case (with a lot less value) when you consider that only 5/10% of them actually sign up to marketing emails. 


Thanks for your help!



Best answer by julie.accardo 7 March 2021, 16:20

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Hi Alex,


Klaviyo bills for email based on two factors - active profile count and number of emails sent per month. Transactional emails sent from Klaviyo are eligible to be received by suppressed users due to the nature of the communication. As a result, transactional emails sent to suppressed users will fall under the “number of emails sent per month” billing criteria rather than the active profile count criteria.


Hope this helps!