Duplicate newsletter/subscription confirmation emails from Klaviyo and Shopify

  • 8 December 2022
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I have an issue.  Duplicate newsletter/subscription confirmation emails are being sent to my customers from Klaviyo and Shopify.  It’s the double opt-in email that thet get to verify that they want to subscribe.  I can see where it’s set up in Shopify and can see where it’s set up in Klaviyo.  Each systems has their own form.  But what I can find is how to shut one of them off.  I can’t continue to have duplicate emails sent to my customers.  Thanks


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2 replies

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Yes sir Stephen.  I finally figured it out (exactly what you are saying) by talking to support at Klaviyo for a while.

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Hey @Carey Rouse 

Thanks for asking the Community for help with your double opt in emails. Happy to help!

The best way to still collect subscribers on Shopify would be to direct your signup form to add to a Klaviyo list. The Klaviyo list should be set to double opt in so regardless of what signup form they use, Klaviyo will trigger a double opt in email for your customer You should turn off any double opt in emails on your Shopify dashboard settings. Once your Shopify signup form is directing your customers to a Klaviyo list you should be all set!

Hope this helps!