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  • 28 February 2024
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Our domain is hosted by Squarespace and Klaviyo asks us to insert 4 NS records in addition to the TXT to be able to have a dynamic server. We didn't really get there, at least we chose a static server option.

Have you ever encountered this problem and how did you resolve it?

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hey @Ed69, welcome to the community!

For what I understand, if you’re on Squarespace, and you purchased your domain from them directly.  You should be able to navigate to your DNS settings from the Domains Panel.

These references might be helpful:

Is that what you’re looking for?


Hello @retention,

I want to copy these NS values ​​to my domain purchase on Squarespace:

Once on Squarespace I go to the Advanced Settings and click on Nameservers Settings

I then indicate the NS Klaviyo values ​​but it does not work.


Where could the problem come from?

Thanks in advancing !


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Hi @Ed69 - ok, I think I see your issue.  Name servers are not the same as the DNS records and Klaviyo should not be your nameserver (NS). You should use the build-in Squarespace nameservers. 

Once you do that, you should be able to the edit the domain settings from the “Domain Panel” explained in the links I shared from reading the documentation. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Squarepsace account so I can’t confirm what goes beyond that link, but it should have way to add all the appropriate records that Klaviyo is asking you to update in the DNS.