Feature Request - "remember me for a week" (or similar) on login page

  • 30 January 2023
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Since starting with Klaviyo I’ve noticed I get asked for 2FA every time I log in and that when returning to the website my session isn’t remembered.

I don’t know of any service that’s this strict. It’s actually quite annoying when I’m on the same browser/device every day!

Even payment services like Stripe give you the option when signing in to be remembered for that browser for a week.

It seems a bit overkill for an email/SMS platform.


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2 replies

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Hi there @gregrobson


Thanks for sharing your insight with us! 


I can see how that can be an inconvenience, I will pass this along as a feature request! It is best practice 2FA as a security measure to protect your account and data to the highest level. As you have valuable information about your customers and business in your account, we take information security very seriously in order to protect against phishing attempts. 


If you wish to disable 2FA, we suggest that you be aware of these scenarios as they are the most popular malignant strategies: 

  • Do not click on links in messages you have been sent without confirming the sender.
  • Carefully examine the URL of any web page asking for your Klaviyo login credentials.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Put me down for this feature as well.  


What I find incredibly annoying is being logged out while actively using klaviyo!!!

Happens every day. 

Not when I am idle.  Browser open, not using klaviyo.  Maybe that makes sense.  But not while I am in the process of editing a flow etc.

I have only been using klaviyo since september, but I absolutely HATE  that I spend more time logging in than doing anything else.   Security is severely flawed.   (I think maybe someone had a bad experience and has not recovered and is forcing their fears onto us.)

Recaptcha endless puzzles, then the MF…..yawn.  Recpatcha is dated (hackable) tech and the most annoying security “feature” ever created.

Rant over.