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  • 15 March 2023
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Hi @MyOrnament, welcome to the community.

If you’re looking for Klaviyo Plans, you can find info about that here:

Basically, for the vast majority of brands, Klaviyo is month to month (no annual contract) based on your email and/or sms sending volumes and the number of Profiles (contacts) you have. You can start with up to 250 contacts for email (and 150 SMS credits) for free to get familiar with the platform or until you have enough sending volume to start the plan.  Klaviyo then scales up incrementally from there based on your needs, but never more than you need at any given month.  You can also downgrade at any time if your sending volume changes.

Hope that helps!

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for the information. As an example, I start with up to 250 for free and send one email campaign. In 3 months, I grow to 500 contacts, but only 25 are “active”. I want to send one email campaign per month. Do I base the plan I choose on the 500 contacts or the 25 who are active?


Thanks for the help.



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Hi @MyOrnament


Happy to jump in here! 


So your contact are the same as active profiles. You will not have a different number of contacts vs active users. However, you can have hypothetically more ‘active users’ in your account vs subscribers in a certain list in your Klaviyo account as users might have purchased from your site, but not opted into receive marketing from you and be added to a list. 


As @retention mentioned earlier, you will pick a plan based on the active emails in your account.  We base our account plans on the number of active profiles in your account and the amount you can send, which is about 10 times the maximum number of profiles in your plan. 


For more information on email plans in Klaviyo, check out these additional documentation resources on our Help Center! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!