From email address set up after DNS is verified

  • 7 March 2022
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Hi, I just verified my DNS but I’m not sure what is now my new From “email address”. Should I just place any prefix? 


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Hi @Alma Medina - great to see you here in the community.

Yes, you can use any email address associated with the domain you verified.  So if you verified “” you can use any email address like “” or “”.  One note, I would use an email address that is configured to receive email replies, whether it be an alias to an existing email address, a forwarding or “group” address, or an actual email account. People tend to reply directly to the email that was sent even though you may want them directed to another email address (, so it’s a good practice to use an email address that can process (or forward) those emails to the proper internal email account.

Setting those up varies a bit on what platform you use (Outlook, Google Workspace, etc) and if you have some kind of email ticketing management system like Gorgias or Zendesk.  You may want to check with their relevant documentation or your IT team to do this properly. 

For those not familiar with the DNS verification process, these are the steps you can take to “White Label” your email sending infrastructure.  Details in this documentation:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! This is so helpful!