Going to Flows and other parts of my Klaviyo account results in a 403 Error; permission denied.

  • 11 January 2024
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For some reason, as an Admin of the account and my other email as the Owner of the account, going to my Flows results in a 403 error, permission denied. Why is this happening when I’m the owner of the account?



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 12 January 2024, 22:09

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Hi @Drewsome


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Do you mean to say that in both roles, the admin and owner, you get a 403 when you go to flows or only in your admin role? Either way, the admin role should have flow access, per  our roles documentation. 


I’d recommend these steps to rectify the issue:

  • Clearing your cache/cookies as sometimes this error can occur if a CSRF token saved in a cached cookie
  • Try an Incognito window
  • Investigate whether your VPN, firewall, autofill, or an extension being made use of which could be conflicting with your account access via


Please let me know if this issue doesn’t resolve after these steps!