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  • 26 June 2021
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Hello! I have very limited experience with configuring DNS records. 

My Klaviyo account is integrated with my Shopify store (I purchased my domain through Google). The email address associated with my Google domain is “”.  Therefore, my default sender email address on Klaviyo is “”. 

According to my research, it seems like it’s best practice to set up a dedicated sending domain. I’ve successfully done so - my new sending domain is “”.

I’m confused as to how this actually affects my emails. Apparently, it will remove “via Klayvio” from the senders address. More specifically:

  1. I’ve sent myself a test email prior to creating the new dedicated sending domain. I never actually saw “via Klaviyo” attached to the senders address. Could this be because the  test email was sent from me to my own account? Would “via Klaviyo” have appeared if I had sent my test email to a completely separate email account?
  2. After creating the new dedicated sending domain, I sent myself a new test email. The senders address remained “”. I was expecting it to be “” (my new dedicated sending domain). Am I missing something?? Did I unnecessarily create a dedicated sending domain??

Hope this is clearly explained :-)


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Hi @M_J,


Thanks for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community!


You are correct - we strongly encourage all of our customers to switch to a dedicated sending domain! This is so that you truly own the reputation of the domain that you’re sending from. By staying on our shared sending domain, your sender reputation would be influenced by your sending practices as well as those of other Klaviyo users. 

  1. The “via Klaviyo” should have displayed if you were not on a dedicated sending domain. You can see in the screenshot below from my test account how it would look - “”
  2. It sounds like you did create the dedicated sending domain properly. You will see the sender/from address that you have set when you create a campaign or flow. If you click the dropdown of the sender details, you will see “mailed-by” and this will show the “” Here’s our help center article that provides a bit more context around choosing a subdomain for the dedicated sending domain.


Hope this helps!