Help: Grant User full access to Flows in Klaviyo (Without Email Profile Exposure)

  • 4 March 2024
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Hey everyone,


I've been grappling with a bit of a conundrum when it comes to Klaviyo user permissions. I need to empower my team to create and manage things like flows, email campaigns, and build emails, but safeguarding sensitive profile information (email addresses and phone numbers) is paramount.

The "Manager" role seems like the closest fit, but it grants full profile access, which exceeds my team's actual needs. I know I'm not alone in this, so I wanted to see how the Klaviyo community is navigating this scenario.

Here's what I've explored so far:

  • Engaging with Klaviyo Support: I proactively reached out to their support team and learned that, while they currently lack granular access options within user roles, they were receptive and submitted a feature request on my behalf. This is encouraging, and hopefully paves the way for future improvements.

Seeking Your Expertise:

I'd love to hear from the community! Have you encountered similar challenges with Klaviyo user permissions? What creative solutions or workarounds have you implemented? Any insights or suggestions you can share would be incredibly valuable.

I'll keep this post updated with any progress or helpful information I receive from Klaviyo support.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!


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Welcome to the community @Big Brain and thanks for sharing.

While I agree that an ‘Editor’ role could be a useful addition, it’s necessary when creating flows and emails to configure for, and test against, profile data including email addresses. Let’s see what Klaviyo says.



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Hi there @Big Brain


Love the user name by the way! 😂


I agree that this would be a nice amendment to the current user roles & permissions we have! 


I will submit another feature request for this on your behalf. 


Thanks for sharing your voice in the Community!