How can I create a custom manage preference page?

  • 3 October 2022
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Hello. I’m looking for advice.


I have a digital communications preference center in mind that goes beyond Klaviyo’s default list opt-out experience.


I want a page that allows the User to opt in and out of email, sms, and push for various topics.

This is essentially both a subscribe, unsubscribe, and preference center in one page.

I also want want to give the User a chance to decrease the email volume, as they should be allows to set a preference for “once a month” “twice a month” or “gimme all the email”

Here’s a screenshot of what I designed.

Please provide some advice or instruction for how to implements this type of preference center.

Thank you!






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Hi @Andrew.Walters - welcome to the community!

If you want to go beyond the standard preference page layout and options, you can build a more customized and tailored with Klaviyo custom hosted pages.  You can learn more about this here:

Just note, the preference pages only sets custom profile properties based on their selection - so you still need to build segments around those settings and manage your Campaign audiences accordingly.  In other words, you have to adhere to those preferences yourself by creating the proper Segments and sending them accordingly.  

Hope this helps!